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Here we have a pair of Old Sheffield silver plate wine coolers each of baluster form, decorated with gadrooned panels, with further gadroon and foliate decoration throughout, raised on a pedestal foot. The coolers are each engraved twice with the crest and motto of James Campbell-Brodie, Esquire, of Lethen and Coulmony, in the counties of Moray and Nairn, Scotland, giving them excellent and noble provenance.

James Campbell-Brodie (1801-1857) was from a distinguished family of Scottish landed gentry. His lineage can be traced back as far as Malcom, Thane of Brodie, who lived during the reign of Alexander III of Scotland (1246-1285). He bears his paternal arms of Brodie with part of the arms of Campbell of Calder, (now Earls of Cawdor) from whom he was descended by his great-grandmother, Jean Sophia Campbell, (1672-1727)

Each cooler is 31cm in diameter over the handles and 24cm high. Circa 1820

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