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A very fine 19th century patinated bronze to scale copy of the famous Renaissance statue 'Monumente Bartolomeo Colleoni' raised on a solid grey marble base with red and white veins running through.

The original by Andrea del Verrocchio in 1480–1488, Italy, stands in front of the Scuola of San Marco in Venice. 

Bartolomeo Colleoni was former Captain General of the Rebublic of Venice.

The figure is made to appear in motion and captures the feeling of a strong and ruthless military commander full of energy and intent.



Overall Height: 56cm

Overall Length To Include Front Overhang: 39cm

Width: 18cm

Height Of Bronze Statue Alone: 37cm.



Overall the statue is in excellent condition. There are some very minor chips to the edges of the marble.



Please contact us via email at if you wish to purchase or have a query relating to this item.

19th Century Bronze Equestrian Statue Of Bartolomeo Colleoni On Marble Base

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