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A George III large Neo-Classical Derbyshire Blue John Urn on a round matching  base interspaced by white marble and set with a gilt brass pineapple finial . English circa 1800


This George III period in England  saw the rise of the Blue John stone as a popular decorative material, particularly for objects like vases, urns, and candlesticks. Blue John is a rare stone that was found only in Castleton, the Peak District of Derbyshire, England. Its distinctive bands of purple and blue, make it a highly sought after.

Our particular piece, of dark Blue John, was  produced in England around 1800 during the height of the stone’s popularity. It would have been hand-carved by a skilled craftsman and would have been a valuable asset. The size and the beauty of this piece show that it was intended to be a showpiece in a wealthy household.

Today, Georgian pieces of Blue John are highly collectible and sought after for their rarity and beauty.



Height: 33cm



In good condition.



Please contact us via email at if you wish to purchase or have a query relating to this item.


George III Blue John Urn

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